Vauxhall Cambelts: A Key Component

The cambelt (also known as a toothed/timing belt) and tensioner pulleys ensure that all the moving engine components, such as the pistons and valves, are synchronised and keep the belt at the correct tension, avoiding any unwanted contact with each other.

When Will My Vauxhall Cambelt Need Replacing?

The fact that the cambelt is made from a rubber-based compound provides benefits such as reduced noise, but it also means that, just like tyres, the belt can deteriorate and wear out over time.

Changing the cambelt and tensioner pulleys on your Vauxhall according to the manufacturers recommended schedule is essential as it will dramatically reduce the chance of the belt from slipping or snapping, which would do serious damage to the engine.  In fact, cambelt failure often means that the engine needs to be completely replaced.

We recommend that cambelt changes are only ever undertaken by specialists like us who have the specific equipment, calibration tools and manufacturer training and experience to do the job properly.

Frequently Asked Cambelt Questions

What’s the difference between a cambelt and a timing belt?
Nothing, they are basically the same thing.

When will I need to replace the cambelt on my Vauxhall?
Cambelts must be replaced according to the manufacturers recommendation. This is normally between 40,000 – to 80,000 miles or after specific number of years.

How can I tell if my cambelt is going to snap?
You can’t, but if you do hear strange noises from the engine bring your vehicle in to your nearest Pentagon Service Centre to get it checked out as soon as you can.

If it snaps what happens to my engine?
If the cambelt snaps the pistons will connect with the valves in the cylinder head and cause serious damage to your engine that may not be repairable.

Can an engine be repaired after the cambelt has snapped?
Sometimes. If it can be repaired a specialist technician will have to remove the cylinder head and the valves. They will check the valve guides for damage and then rebuild the cylinder head with new valve steam oil seals. Finally a new head gasket and cambelt needs to be fitted before the engine can be tested.

To find out if your vehicle is ready for a new cambelt  simply call  your nearest Pentagon Service Centre or book in via our Service & MOT booking page.

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