Exhaust And Catalytic Converter

A properly functioning exhaust and catalytic converter is essential because together they safely remove potentially hazardous gases emitted from the engine of your vehicle.

There are many factors that can contribute to the deterioration and failure of an exhaust.

High Temperatures
The exhaust system is regularly subjected to extreme temperatures of around 800°C at 70mph.
Internal Corrosion
When the engine is started, condensation is produced which does not always evaporate, especially on short journeys. This causes the exhaust system to fill up with water which in turn creates an acid mixture that attacks the internal walls.
Corrosion caused by Exterior Conditions
The outer casing of the exhaust system is constantly splashed with water, mud and salt which can lead to rusting.
Poor Combustion Process
This can be caused by engine misfire, engine management faults and sticking valves.

What Does The Catalytic Converter Do?

The catalytic converter on your Vauxhall reduces harmful exhaust gasses such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen’s by up to 90%. Regular servicing should ensure that the catalytic converter lasts for a long time as serious damage to the catalytic converter is prevented when all of the engine’s components (spark plugs, air filter, etc) are in perfect working order.

Our Emissions Service treatment – available when you book a service – can help increase the life of the catalytic converter by optimising the combustion process.

If you have any queries regarding your Vauxhall exhaust system, call or visit your local Pentagon Vauxhall Service Centre for a Exhaust inspection as a part of our free Vehicle Healthcheck.

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