Vehicle Health Check

Vauxhall Vehicle Health And Safety Checks At Pentagon

If you think your vehicle isn’t running as well as it should be, why not bring it to Pentagon for a Vehicle Health Check?

Our trained technicians can carry out a 28-point Vehicle Health Check (VHC) while you wait, giving you peace of mind should you have any concerns about your vehicle. Best of all, we’ll do it all for free! We also perform a VHC every time you bring your vehicle in for a service, MOT or repair.

What Is A Vehicle Health Check?

Pentagon Workshop View

A VHC is a visual inspection of the brakes, wheels, tyres, exhaust, steering and wiper blades plus a check on the key fluid levels that we carry out every time a vehicle visits our workshop.

Once our technician has completed the VHC we’ll provide you with an easy to read report and a complementary short 'Workshop View' video highlighting the safety, reliability and general roadworthiness of the vehicle, clearly documenting via a simple traffic light system any wear and tear items that might require immediate or future attention.

This way it’s easier for you to make an informed decision about any potential issues we’ve identified. Transparency, innovation, simplicity: it’s all part of the service.

Here’s a quick example of a Pentagon VHC video in action in the workshop

Each item that is checked by our technician is classified as either green, amber or red.


This item appears / is in a good condition and should not need any attention before your next annual service.

    This item needs attention and will need to be re-inspected before your next annual service, but it is not absolutely essential for the  repair to be completed today.
    A problem has been identified with this item that may have legal and / or safety implications. We recommend this item is repaired or replaced as a matter of urgency

If we identify any amber or red items that we believe need attention - either now or in the future - we will fully explain to you the reasons why and give you a competitive, all inclusive price that we would charge should you decide to have the work done with us.

If you don’t want the amber work completed on the day, we will contact you again in a few months’ time so you can bring your vehicle back into the workshop so that our technicians can re-assess the situation and check if the item or items have deteriorated further.

Then if you are happy for us to do it, we will make sure the work is completed competitively and to the highest standard.

What Does The Vehicle Health Check Cover?

Our Vehicle Health Check covers;

Lights / Electrics Checks

Mandatory lights (external) ?

Horn / wipers / washers ?

External / Internal Checks

Brake noise / feel ?

Clutch / transmission operation ?

Engine noise / smoke ?

Glass / mirrors / wiper blades ?

Seat belts – security & operation ?

Under Bonnet Checks

Fluid levels – oil / water / coolant / screenwash ?

Fluid leaks – oil / water ?

Battery condition / drive belts ?

Brakes / Hubs Checks

Brake fluid condition / temperature ?

Master cylinder / servo ?

Linings – pads / shoes ?

Discs / drums ?

Hoses / pipes / cables / wheel bearings ?

Underside Checks

Exhaust system / catalyst ?

Steering / suspension ?

Drive shafts / gaiters ?

Oil leaks ?

Wheels / Tyres Checks

Nearside front ?

Offside front ?

Nearside rear ?

Offside rear ?

Spare ?

Tyre pressures (check & advise accordingly) ?

Fluid Checks

Coolant (check and advise accordingly) ?

Brake fluid (check and advise accordingly) ?

Screenwash (check and advise accordingly) ?

Engine oil (check and advise accordingly) ?

To book your Vehicle Health Check call your nearest Pentagon Vauxhall Service Centre who will be happy to arrange an appointment.

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